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Paint with Nancy in this 2 Week Live Zoom Calls Color Intensive Workshop


Class starts Tuesday, July 23

Create Abstract Paintings

Explore Your Own Personal Lexicon Of Mark Making With Powerful Exercises

Activating The Canvas™

A year long self-paced 5 module online course to free up your inner artist in this exciting introduction to abstract painting.

Activating the Canvas was featured As One of the Top Online Art Courses by

Trust Yourself In Your Art

The Inner Journey to believe in yourself & 2 technical game changers to  create with confidence

The Artist’s Journey®: 3 Secrets of the Masters

A year long self-paced 5 Module online course where you’ll learn to believe and trust in yourself, so you can create art with confidence, deeply explore and experiment, and embrace the unknown.


Simplify Color

Explore & Experiment with color with ease and joy. Simplify &  create dynamic color combinations

Experimenting With Color™

A year long self-paced 6 module online course that simplifies the complexity of color. Develop a deeper knowledge and confidence when you employ color in your paintings. Create dynamic, visually exciting color combinations with ease..


Psych Ward

Our new serialized fiction


The Artist’s Journey®: 

Bold Strokes To Spark Creativity

“One of the best Creativity books of all time” – BookAuthority

Whether you dream of loosening up and exploring creativity, expressing yourself, healing and becoming whole, experimenting with paints, colors, and techniques, or surprising yourself with your art, The Artist’s Journey® is your step-by-step guide to bold self-expression.

The Artist’s Journey®: 

Creativity Reflection Journal

Creativity is central to feeling alive. Unleash your inner artist.

Spark your imagination in The Artist’s Journey Creativity Reflection Journal with creativity prompts, poetic musings and stories inviting you to reflect on and activate the inner sources of your creativity.


The Adjacent Possible: 

Evolve Your Art. From Blank Canvas To Prolific Artist

Discover the science of creativity and the art of the possible- the adjacent possible!

Take your art to the edge of creation and collapse- to the place of poised instability where your paintings evolve. Step into the unknown, access The Adjacent Possible and create art that surprises and wows you.

The Adjacent Possible: 

Guidebook & Stories Of Artistic Transformation

Animating the science of creativity and the art of the possible with concepts and artists’ stories embracing the unfolding of their art.

Step into the unknown and exolore the art of the possible in your art. This book connects scientific concepts with artistic practice to understand the nature of surprise. Artist’s stories bring alive the concepts of the adjacent possible.

Psych Ward

Our new serialized fiction

Psych Ward

A young psychiatrist with a photographic memory, psychic abilities, and a heart of gold. An unlocked Psych Ward where stories of love, loss, trauma, hope, and redemption unfold. Tune in for weekly episodes of Dr. Scarlett Youngjoy’s adventures at the renowned Harford Hospital, and vote for your favorite character in Dr. Scarlett’s care. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are the product of the authors imaginations.

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Artist, best-selling author, and Stanford educated existential psychiatrist, Dr. Nancy Hillis guides and inspires you as you step into the terra incognita of your soul and face your vulnerability as an artist. She believes that your most astonishing work comes from deep exploration and experimentation. Nancy encourages you to find the nascent, unexpressed parts of yourself, give voice to your subconscious experiences, and finally express YOU in your art and life.

Founder of The Artist’s Journey® and The Adjacent Possible® workshops and courses, Nancy has led over 50,000 students on their creative journeys. Not only does Nancy encourage you to express yourself in your art, she has created courses and workshops to guide you on a tangible and accessible path to your deepest artistic fulfillment.




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Timing, Art & New Year’s Resolutions

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Art, Beauty, Rembrandt & Botticelli

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