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The Artist’s Journey Creativity Surprise Awaits You

In my blog post last week The Adjacent Possible: Making Room For Surprise you may have wondered why I talked about my partner Dr. Bruce Sawhill’s experience of finding a book on the ocean floor while swimming the frigid waters of the Pacific in November. It might have seemed tangential, at best, to the concerns of creativity in general and abstract painting in particular.

But hang in here with me. There’s a method to my madness. That said, I have a surprise for you. You can scroll down to the bottom of this post if you can’t wait.

Those of you who know me probably suspect that telling that nautical yarn tale is part of a deeper story, and if so, you’d be right.

I believe that books can change peoples’ lives, whether they’re found on the sandy seafloor or in more conventional places like bookstores and online.

Books are patient. They quietly wait for you until you’re ready to take in their lessons.

They don’t pace in the hallway, clear their throat irritatingly or take their toys and go home. Books are good friends who won’t give you exasperated sighs and eye rolls when you go over the same material again and again.

That is why I wrote and published my book The Artist’s Journey: Bold Strokes to Spark Creativity almost a year ago.

I wanted to make a connection between two of my passions in life, painting and the psychology of creativity.

As for the connection between swimming and books in my previous blog, it occurred even before last week’s improbable but true story and in fact was the genesis of the Bold Strokes part of the above title.

Even while I was preparing my first book, The Artist’s Journey, for publication I was thinking about what would come next.

I wanted to reach an audience of creative people beyond the very specific group of abstract artists that I addressed before. People who were not abstract artists were buying my book and reaching out to me with questions about the psychology of creativity in their chosen fields.

And, since I’m a psychiatrist, I wanted a book that would draw people out and be more than a passive source of information.

I wanted a book that would require active participation, a two-way street, more like conversations between me and my students.

Your emails, letters and communications over the last four years inspired me to create a reflection journal where you can bring visibility to the invisible- the inner workings of your creativity.

I’m so excited to announce the arrival of my second book:

The Artist’s Journey Creativity Reflection Journal


It’s more than two years in the writing. It knitted together in the last few months and is finally ready for prime time.


Today is the day I announce it to the world.

Order your copy…

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With gratitude,


P.S. Leave me a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Order your copy of the journal from Barnes & Noble HERE. or Amazon HERE. 


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