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Featured by creativebloq.com as one of the best online art classes of 2019 & 2020

Activating the Canvas-Nancy Hillis-Top Class Online  

Loosen Up, Activate The Canvas & Breathe Life Into Your Paintings

Sneak Peek Into Activating The Canvas

Module 1: Activating The Canvas.

  • Explore and reflect on your big ‘Why’ for creating
  • Complete The Artist’s Journey Workbook where you’ll delve into your inner landscape that affects everything in your art and life
  • Lessons on Why Your Why Matters will lead you into video demonstrations revealing that you have your own personal lexicon, you own gestural signature and expression that is immediate, intuitive and unique
  • Video demonstrations of the power of exploratory studies in developing and strengthening your work will be explored in this first module
  • You’ll further work with the concepts of Simplicity & Constraint and learn that within constraints are an infinity of possibilities for your art
  • You’ll experiment with The Expressive Vocabulary Of Mark Making and explore the unlimited possibilities of your own expression

Module 2: The Expressive Vocabulary of Mark Making

  • In this module you’ll reflect upon mark making and
  • You’ll learn about the power of gestural mark making for expressing feeling.
  • You’ll learn ways to expand your expressive vocabulary of mark making and
  • How to incorporate the concepts of simplicity, constraint & predominance into your work
Activating the Canvas-Nancy Hillis-Cultivate Experimentation

Activating the Canvas-Nancy Hillis-Cultivate Experimentation

Module 3: Cultivate an Attitude of Experimentation

  • In this module you’ll reflect upon your experience of experimentation and
  • You’ll learn the value and potency of employing an experimental mindset in your art making and studio practice
  • You’ll experiment with automatic drawing and
  • Be challenged to continue creating exploratory studies and experimental works
Activating the Canvas-Nancy Hilllis-Trusting yourself

Activating the Canvas-Nancy Hillis-Trusting yourself

Module 4: Activate the Canvas

  • In this module you’ll reflect upon activating the canvas and
  • Allowing yourself to step into the unknown as you create
  • You’ll learn how to work with flux, veiling and covering
  • You’ll explore flux and building up the surface of your painting
  • You’ll learn how to create visual contrast and how to intuitively compose as you paint
Activating the Canvas | Nancy Hillis

Module 5: What’s Next for your Artist’s Journey

  • In this closing module, you’ll reflect upon your ongoing Artist’s Journey
  • You’ll explore what’s next for you and where you want to go in your art
  • There are bonus videos on creating rhythmic painting starts and
  • How to incorporate rhythmic starts into a painting and
  • Working with combinatorics in your art
Activating the Canvas-Cultivate Your Studio Practice-markmaking

Activating the Canvas-Cultivate Your Studio Practice-mark making

Activating the Canvas-Explore and Find Your Way


Activating the Canvas-Nancy Hillis-Top Online Art Class 2019-Scroll through to learn more. #abstractpainting

Activating the Canvas-Nancy Hillis-Top Online Art Class 2019


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