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TRANSCRIPT from my interview with filmmaker Sidharta Pascual.


The Artist’s Journey is similar to the Hero’s Journey. In both cases, you’re answering the call of your creative journey.


You’re living your life and you yearn for something- meaning, aliveness or a sense of adventure.


And then one day you finally answer the call. You say yes to your longing and you step into the unknown and you’re immediately plunged into perils.


And the perils are self doubt, not knowing, fear, inner criticism, second guessing, overthinking, procrastination, avoidance and even resignation.


But the good news is that guides show up. These may be mentors, teachers, other artists.


And the guides help you.


And yet even then, one day you’ll reach that moment of the dark night of the soul where you have the greatest self doubt. You don’t know what to do. You think: Why did I even try this?


And this is the moment of your greatest self transformation.


When it seems like nothing is happening- everything is happening.


And to me the transformation is trusting yourself- trusting yourself to risk, to experiment, to explore, to continue on your path even while you’re afraid. And this is what I’m here to guide you through.


I’m here to help you believe in yourself, to take those risks and to do your deepest work.


And then you’ll realize that art is reflective of life- and we continue this journey, whatever we’re doing- whether it be art or living our lives or going on an expedition.


My philosophy about art is that it’s an expression of your aliveness and meaning


Creating is making meaning.


What’s important is that you find your way as you go, as you paint. That you dig deep inside of yourself to bring out what is true for you- that’s what makes art alive and full of wonder. It’s when you show us YOU- what you love, what you’re about, what you’re exploring. THAT is what people love. It’s alive with meaning.


Art is continually evolving.


Being an artist is about not knowing. It’s continually evolving the work.


Sidharta: “It’s ok to not know?”


It’s wonderful to not know.


Sidharta: “It sounds so weird”




There’s a psychoanalyst named Christopher Bollas who has written a book called The Unthought Known. That is the knowing before thought. There is a truth in you, before words, that knows. It’s accessing that knowing- which in a way might be saying that it’s an unknowing. It’s getting beyond words, it’s getting beyond thinking.


It’s getting into the space of knowing and not knowing, which is a paradox.


Sidharta: “And art helps you access that- is that correct?”


Yes. Art helps you to access the paradoxes.


Art is about evolution


It’s about evolving the work. It’s not about staying static and continually repeating yourself. It’s about taking risks and experimenting. That is creativity.


Much gratitude from my studio to yours,



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