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I’m so honored to be featured on Rachel Rose’s The Artful Soul Series. We chatted about “Stepping Into the Unknown.” You know that terrifying experience of not knowing what you are doing or where it’s going. The blank canvas in art and in life.

We talked about doing this in our art can help us do this in life. It was deep and meaningful. You can watch it above.

With gratitude from my studio to yours,


About Rachel:

Rachel believes that creativity can heal and transform us. She believe expression is the way to change ourselves and the world to be more compassionate and connected. 

She reached out all across the globe to find creators, experts, and visionaries who believe the same. Together they sat down and dug deep on a range of topics, from colour to curiosity, healing to grief, storytelling to changing the world. They recorded these conversations and have brought them together for you in this exclusive, free online event. 

During November 2019 this conversation series went live. You can watch the entire series here.

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