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Patricia Schwimmer’s Review

The Artist's Journey Book Review: Patricia Schwimmer. Scroll through to read the review. #creativity #selfhelp #abstract

The Artist’s Journey Book Review: Patricia Schwimmer


The Artist’s Journey book review by Patricia Schwimmer

Have you seen @nancyhillisstudio book The Artist’s Journey? I’ve almost completed my first read through and it is so empowering…because it helps you move through all those moments of fear, hesitation and uncertainty.

Here’s a quote from the book that offers some good advice:

“Beyond attaining the Holy Grail of trusting yourself, there’s another secret to creating expressively alive, wondrous paintings that all masters know. It’s time you learned too. There are no shortcuts around this secret. No excuses. No compromises. If you’re serious about accelerating your growth and becoming a professional artist, you must do one thing: Commit to drawing or painting most days”.



Book Review-Patricia Schwimmer-The Artists Journey

Patricia Schwimmer’s painting is underneath The Artist’s Journey book.


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