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The yearning to fulfill the creative desire was something I was born with although there have been starts and stops along the way. Always the inner critic, I generally ended up frustrated and it was easier to just not do anything. I would have to say that just before signing up for the Artist’s Journey course, my creative landscape was resembling a desert!

There’s an old saying that goes something like this, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”. In looking back at the beginning, I don’t recall exactly how the teacher, Nancy Hillis appeared (email or Facebook), but it doesn’t really matter as the call was answered. 

Enrolling in this course has been a blessing in that I really needed a creative boost.  Nancy provided insights in a clear, concise and intuitive manner that provided me the freedom to explore and experiment in ways that are still unfolding. 

Through simple and profound instructions such as activating the canvas, contrasts, a little of this a lot of that, liberation can begin.  

With each step beginning with the “Why”, I started letting go and like peeling away an onion skin, the acts of shedding the inner critic, self imposed restrictions, worn out patterns and tired techniques are continuously falling by the wayside.

In my heart I know that the journey is the experience rather than the destination. Immense gratitude to Nancy for being a guiding light along the path of this artist’s journey.  I would highly recommend this course to every artist that wants to expand on many levels.

Barbara Johnson

The Artist’s Journey® Alumnus

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