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The Artist’s Journey Book Review by Adele Sypesteyn

This is a brand new book out by a woman, a wonderful artist and psychiatrist, and it jsst came out this year, just a few months ago. Nancy Hillis -it’s called The Artist’s Journey. It is not a “how-to” art book, it is an art book about how to get through, mentally, the parts that are hard and difficult.


One of the things that stood out to me, more than any other book that I’ve read- I have a lot of how-to books- but this one talks about the mental process of going through the obstacle of when you hit the part of the painting called the “ugly painting”.


Let me briefly read this quote that she says- which I love:


Some paintings are going to seem ugly and chaotic. I believe these are extremely valuable works. In fact, these ugly ducklings are more often the nascent forms of emerging work that’s trying to be birthed but first seems awkward and uneasy.


She talks about how to appreciate and welcome and enjoy and love the “ugly painting”.


This is a must read.


It’s brand new and she’s a wonderful writer.


-Reviewer- Adele Sypesteyn, Artist and teacher


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