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About Brittany Lyn

Hello! My name is Brittany.

I feel most alive when I paint. It is part of who I am. It shapes how I see the world, and is allowing me to find my voice within it. My gestures and marks represent the language of my body- a language I am newly discovering.

Through the process of creating, I am continually learning to trust myself, and to afford myself kindness. I am learning to expect imperfection. Nancy’s guidance has been instrumental in this journey.

By training, I am a registered nurse living and working in Ontario, Canada. My primary area of practice is in palliative care. I am deeply moved by human connection and the capacity of human spirit. There are moments I bear witness to in this work that I often struggle to articulate in words. Attempting to visually translate these observations using value, form, colour and line has been a growing urge that I have not been able to quiet. My challenge lies in bridging the gap between where I currently am in my artistic practice to where I hope to one day be. How to do this, I believe, will rely on trusting in the intelligence of the creative process.

I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to learn and walk alongside each of you as we step into the unknown together.

Let’s get cracking on filling those miles of canvas!

Instagram: @lynbcl

Brittany’s Paintings & Work

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