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Create Your Deepest Abstract Art- Nancy Hillis MD

Create Your Deepest Abstract Art- Nancy Hillis MD

Studio Inspiration: The Importance of “Holding Onto Yourself” as an Artist


One of our wonderful artists in The Artist’s Journey courses tells the story of creating wondrous paintings and yet being asked by another artist why she added scribbles to the painting. The implication being that the scribbles bothered the inquiring artist.

Our fellow journeyer also recalls being asked by a gallerist to remove some smudges in her works.

Her answer to both: “Because it creates interest”.


The important concept of authorship


As an artist and creator of abstract art, it’s important to remember that you are the author, artist and composer of your work…

Not the collector.

Not your best friend.

Not the gallerist.

This is not painting by committee.

This is not about pleasing others.

This is about your own expression


We want to see YOU in your art, not someone else’s idea of what you “should” or shouldn’t do or be.

At times you may feel lonely and lost because there are no absolute answers on your journey to expressing yourself. There’s no map, formula or recipe for creating your deepest and most authentic art.

Indeed, you’re stepping into the terra incognito, the unknown territory, every time you create.

And this is scary. This is threatening. This is vulnerable.

Don’t look for answers outside of yourself. You won’t find them there.


Look Inside


The answers that are your answers can only be found inside of you.

Keep searching and finding your way as you paint.

Keep exploring and experimenting.

Keep allowing space for “ugly” paintings.

You never know when an “ugly” painting may actually be the nascent form of emerging work trying to be born that will ultimately knock your socks off!


In the end it’s about holding onto yourself in your art


It’s about digging down deep and finding YOU.

Your work isn’t contingent upon what others think. It’s not about extrinsic validation.

You weren’t born into your life and your vision only to relinquish it to the pleasures or whims of others.

You were born to be yourself.

And your art is an expression of you…of what you love, feel, notice…and of what you want to experiment with and explore.

Not everyone is going to love your paintings.


The question is: Do you love your own exploration in your art?


I’m reminded of a story of a child being asked why she did something.

The question was framed as: Why are you doing that?

The child looked quizzically at the questioner as if to say: Are you kidding me?

The child finally answers: “Because I want to”.

I sit at the feet of babies and children, our greatest teachers.


Will you allow yourself to deeply explore and experiment and create what’s inside of YOU?


Will you step into the perils of creating and go ahead anyway?

Will you take big risks and let yourself create exploratory works, some of which you love and others that you don’t like at all?

Will you express your truth in your art?

This is the journey we’re on. It’s paradoxically vulnerable and perilous and yet wondrous and meaningful.

Thank you. I’m blessed and honored to be here with you on this journey into abstract art.


From my studio to yours,


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