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I started with Activating the Canvas then with Experiment with color and the latest course Studio Journey I am currently doing for the second year, the trip I never want to end.

At the end of last year, I was accepted into a jury-judged exhibition with over 100 artists, which was an incredible encouragement. The first day of the vernissage I sold a painting "Zornpalette" which came during my trip in the Studio Journey course.

To my great delight, it was also a gallerist who bought the tablet for 10000 SEK. That exhibition meant a lot to my self-confidence. Now that Covid-19 has taken the whole world into its grip, two exhibitions have been canceled. But I am fine and I am so privileged to have the opportunity to paint in my little studio and even more to explore what is inside me.

If I back a few years when I got anxious when I would start painting on a white canvas, I have also been a "perfectionist" which has not facilitated my creation. But since I found Nancy among all the thousands of other art teachers, my life has changed not only on the artistic level but on so many levels.

I feel more whole as a human being, life has become more exciting and I have become more responsive to the invisible in life.

The feeling when I first loved what I painted was incredibly strong and because it was genuine and rooted within myself. Sure, there is still often a struggle during each painting, but then I hear Nancy's voice that it is precisely in the "ugly paintings" something new is emerging. HOW EXCITING IS THIS?

I don't know how to express in words the gratitude I feel. A more humble, responsive and generous educator than Nancy cannot be found.

Elisabeth Malmgren

Studio Journey™, Activating The Canvas, Experiment with Color Alumnus

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