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About Elizabeth Vander Schaaf

Hi! I’m Elizabeth.

As the daughter of an American diplomat, I grew up in twelve cities around the world. My youth was a tapestry of many cultures, adventures, and friendships. I went on to study psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and psychotherapy at New York University.

My love of everything creative spontaneously evolved into twenty years of designing interiors. I realized that my favorite thing was introducing clients to original art and meeting artists along the way. Something was whispering inside.

In 2016, I gathered all my courage, followed those whispers, and jumped into painting. Along with having children, it’s the most exciting thing I’ve ever done. I can say with heart, I’m an artist.

Romare Bearden said, “Painting is the act of discovery.” Although painting is always challenging, I love the mystery and find joy in the process of creating. My interests and experiences find their way into my work in ways that take me by surprise.

I’m grateful to Nancy, whose teachings have been such an important part of my journey as an artist. I’m happy to be part of her team, supporting fellow artists in this great adventure.

Instagram: evs_arts

Elizabeth’s Paintings & Work

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