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I was honored to be interviewed on Creative Haven Podcast with Mitchel Dumlao. 

In this episode, we discuss finding freedom in structure and constraint, creating a safe and vulnerable space to allow ideas to flow, the importance of working consistently on your craft and embracing ugly paintings, and being okay with having a job while building your art into a livelihood on the side.

Watch the interview above and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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About Mitchel & Creative Haven

Creative Haven is a weekly podcast that interviews today’s top creative professionals, artists, and entrepreneurs to inspire you to value your creativity by providing you information with inspiration. Mitchel discusses different ways to get into our creative flows states and how to build brands through marketing, advertising, and creative content.

Hosted by Mitchel Dumlao: a Director, Content Creator, and Entrepreneur that loves inspiring people to grow into the best versions of themselves so they can live meaningful lives and empower their communities.

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