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One of my art teachers from a few years ago was telling me that I could not do abstract painting. So I was eager to learn and valued this online opportunity, where I could experiment without being criticized.

The great structure of the course, the video demos, and exercises helped me to overcome the blockage. And having some written contents made it easy to find my way around. To get a material list with each module was also really helpful.

I opened up and found new ways of expressing myself.

Nancy had such a wonderful encouraging way to guide me through each month and still has that motivating and enthusiastic way to keep me inspired.

Even though I have not really published anything during the training, because I felt shy about it. I feel deep gratitude and I actually recently exhibited some of my paintings that were greatly influenced by the training I had.

I joined the Creators Challenge on the Facebook group a few days ago and posted my first three paintings there just now.

Thanks for everything!

Gisela Kissing

Studio Journey™ Alumnus

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