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Praise for The Artist's Journey Course: 

The Artist Journey course does exactly what is promised:  it starts a spark in each of us that ignites all the little creative parts we have been reaching for but may have been sleeping! 

It helps to have companions on this journey who can feel your pain when you work through exercises that feel awkward but so ultimately helpful.  To look at your "ugly" work along the way and cheer it just as you cheer theirs.  And see their incredible progress as they see yours. 

Nancy is amazingly kind and generous with her talent and she has a gentle way of explanation that allows you to relax and know you will be able to grasp it, if not this time then when you listen again and again.  She is a wonder.

Praise for Experimenting with Color: 

I am very happy with this course and although I "finished" it a few weeks ago I return to it so often.  Today, in fact,  I continue trying to work with new combinations and trying to focus on both the art and the color!  Sometimes that is difficult since I fall in love with the colors! 

I adored the course.  I loved the way Nancy spoke slowly enough in her explanations with the samples.  Needed.  Of course watching her paint is the most fun and I could do that all day.   

Gwen Lennox

Artist’s Journey® Course & Experimenting with Color Alumnus

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