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Praise For Activating The Canvas:

Straight up? I like it a lot. Without getting too deep into the weeds: a while ago I bought a Kindle and with that read “The Artists Journey: Bold Strokes to Spark Creativity.” That lead me to the website and some other things including a conversation with Bruce. While I have never before thought about painting abstracts, I decided to give it a try. Turns out Activating the Canvas is just right for me and I’m having a lot of fun with it. I strongly recommend it to anyone wanting to get started in creating abstract works.

Praise for The Book: 

I'm liking' the book so much. More importantly it is going to serve as a practical Manuel for me as will the videos.

Praise for Color Secrets of the Pros Workbook:

What I found was a concise and simple treatment of color concepts that I have found to be overwhelming in other books and manuals. I like the straightforward explanations and examples.

I’m so glad I found you on-line and registered for one of your courses. I’m having a lot of fun now painting with your approach.

Jim Oliver

Activating The Canvas Alumnus, Artist’s Journey® Book Reader, Color Secrets of the Pros Workbook

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