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Nancy's courses have been a fabulous investment in learning new skills and valuing my own ideas and impulses.

In November, I took leave from my teaching job for health reasons and knew that I'd better have something to keep my brain busy. Activating the Canvas served that purpose-- and then some!

In January, I resigned my teaching job and, again, decided to "double down" with Studio Journey and Nancy as painting guide during the transitional time.

Now we have COVID? Good grief... I keep returning to the videos and then painting daily and the discovery process (finding something from a blank nothing) is a positive lift. Symbolic of what we're going to need to do in the future? Absolutely.

In daily painting and painting over, I'm practicing more than the studio concepts which means the skills can be applied in more than the studio.

I didn't know what my life could be with daily art in it. Thank you Thank You THANK YOU to Nancy!

Kristy Evans

Studio Journey™ & Activating the Canvas Alumnus

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