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This new series is called Lit from Within. I’m honored to be a special guest on the show. 


Lit From Within -Nancy Hillis-Jamisyne Blakeley

Lit From Within -Special Guest: Nancy Hillis, MD -Hosted by Jamisyne Blakeley


There are more opportunities than ever to find and do the work you love… And yet, so many people are unhappy with their career or have reached a peak with their impact and income at their current job.

If you’d like to be happier at work, are considering a career change or looking to start your own business, I’ve got a wonderful way to share how over 20 people – including me – discovered work that lights us up and makes a big difference to others. There’s a new series premiering online April 11th and it’s called Lit from Within. I’m honored to be a special guest on the show. I know you’re going to want to join us.

My friend Jaimsyne Blakely’s passion is to help people discover and do the work they are truly meant to do in the world. She knows that most of us treat finding a job, changing careers, or starting a business like it’s a problem to solve. When in fact, it’s an invitation to experience a much more fulfilling, joyful and juicy life.

Jaimsyne uses an inside out process that she developed to teach you how to connect with your deepest knowing, get crystal clarity on your calling and have the knowledge, plan and inner power to make the shift to your highest calling happen!

Jaimsyne’s hosting a complimentary interview series to share her wisdom and proven process for finding and doing the work you love. She’s invited over 20 Souls who have found their calling to share their inspiring stories and transformational processes and tools, too.

Here’s To You Being Lit from Within,


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