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I have been a mixed media artist for 10 years. I have always been an extremely empathetic and creative person yet I have this “math and science” brain. After my health interfered with me working, I assumed that I could just turn that part of my brain off and get busy creating the mixed media art that I loved so much. I created fast and loose.

I identify with your student you use as an example in your book. Some of my best work was created in less that an hour. Within the first year of painting I had two pieces accepted in a juried show, one sold. That started my downward spiral. I tried to recreate what I had done. I tried new styles when I was told my style was linear. I took that as a bad thing? I tried doing what other artists were doing. I truly sucked at everything I tried which, in hindsight, gave me even more reason to not trust myself.

I maxed out my credit card getting the supplies that I thought would help. I thought if I could just get it right, maybe I could make money with my art. My time creating was already limited by my health. I figured I missed my window of opportunity. Depression and emptiness started taking over and I stopped creating all together.

The desire to create never went away. It was like a toddler pulling on my pant leg, trying to get my attention.  I nervously gave in and set up my art table. I tried finding creative groups where I live without any luck.

Then COVID19 came and everything is shut down. I knew I had the desire to create. I knew I had the ability to create. I knew I had done some pieces I actually loved so much. I also knew I needed help. So I started searching Amazon for books on creativity. I found The Artist’s Journey and took the leap and got it. It’s been a game changer for me.

I have taken notes, done the exercises, bookmarked pages, to say the least, I have taken it seriously. I believe the reason I can resonate so well with the book, besides that it speaks to my life as a creative, is that you Dr. Hillis talk in a language that I understand so well. The zero to one theory makes so much sense. When I read this book, my creative and logical mind blended somehow. I realized linear is okay, that’s me, as is creating quickly. I am back to getting messy and starting to play again, something I stopped doing for a long time.

Also, I have watched all your YouTube videos and enjoy each and every one.

I can tell you put your heart and soul into helping anyone with a creative journey find that path. I am forever grateful and dream of one day attending one of your retreats.

Robin Souza Rodriguez

Artist’s Journey® Book Reader

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