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Praise for The Creativity Reflection Journal

This journal is beautifully illustrated and includes inspiring quotes together with plenty of space to 'think in ink' and doodle too. It's a workbook that can help get your imagination flowing, whatever your creative field, and free up new discoveries to develop or evolve your artistic endeavors.

It's full of prompts, exercises and activities to help you gain clarity on your unique way forward as a creative. Because the author is a working artist, art teacher and existentialist psychiatrist too, she is perfectly placed to guide your inner journey of reflection, exploring and opening up your creative work to what's meaningful and possible going forward.

I recommend this journal for anyone wanting to delve deep into their practice and find out about themselves in the process.

Praise for The Artist's Journey Book

Nancy Hillis has produced something rare in the cacophony of reads available for contemporary artists and creatives: A practical and inspiring call to create original, astonishing work. Highly recommend.

Ruth Crone

Studio Journey™ Alumnus, Artist's Journey® Book & Creativity Journal Reader

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