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Short and sweet today.


The Adjacent Possible Is Available For Pre-Order

Our fourth book, The Adjacent Possible: Guidebook & Stories of Artistic Transformation, is now available for pre-order on Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BJ9Q6G58

Flipping Through The Adjacent Possible Book

It’s so exciting to see concepts from the adjacent possible animated by artist’s stories and artworks. The book boasts over 200 photographs of art in 57 chapters and 444 pages meant to inspire and embolden you to not only experiment in your art, but evolve it.

This is a companion volume to the ideas put forth in the previous award winning, best selling book, The Adjacent Possible: Evolve Your Art From Blank Canvas to Prolific Artist, but it also stands alone.

Using a scientific metaphor, if the first book in The Adjacent Possible series was the “theory,” this one is the “experimental data,” with the test-tube-wielding scientists replaced by paint brush-wielding artists.

The concepts behind the adjacent possible in art are illuminated by stories and artwork from 25 artists, broken into four overarching sections: The Inner Landscape, Start, Experiment, and Evolve, or ISEE for short.

In the past, Amazon has allowed us to briefly offer eBooks (Kindle editions) for free, but because of the file size of this one (due to over 200 art images) the best we could do is $2.99.

It’s still cheaper than a latte at a well-known coffee chain, so we invite you to go caffeine-free for an afternoon and pre-order a digital copy of the book. You will receive the Kindle version on October 22, 2022.  

At that point, have a look (lots of pictures!) and, if you are feeling effusive, please consider writing a review. Reviews bring visibility to books. It’s sort of like David & Goliath- we are the David to the New York publishing house’s Goliath. 

Thank you!!!

The Paperback Book Will Be Released October 22, 2022


You can order the print version of the book on October 22, 2022 when it is released on Amazon.

A Special Deluxe Hardcover Book Will Be Available Soon


We will have a super deluxe hardcover version of the book available, hopefully before the holidays!  Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement.


With gratitude from our studio to yours,

Nancy & Bruce


P.S. Our newest book: The Adjacent Possible: Guidebook & Stories Of Artistic Transformation is available for Pre-Order in eBook version!

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