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Here’s what just a few of my students say about working with me in my courses:

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Maggy went from devouring books and courses to transforming her studio, painting, exploring and experimenting with ease.

I fell in love with making marks and trying to express feelings and for 15 years, I devoured books, courses, videos and all possible to learn.

And so, the novice learnt to draw, learnt something about composition, some basic colour theory – and began to exhibit and was astonished when 5 years later I was encouraged to enter a national juried competition. The Gods smiled, and I was selected  – not just that year, but year after year

But, the fear of failure echoed loud and the light went out, I began to stumble around, avoiding my studio – I had lost my belief and compass. 

And then,  one day, when I was very close to giving up, as if by magic, a guide showed up …a guide who has quietly transformed my studio practice – and brick by brick built my self belief and courage and helped me to paint, paint AND paint and explore and experiment…

Nancy’s way of teaching provides an absolute smorgasbord of learning opportunities and a multiplicity of pathways: from core concepts and principles to guided personal reflection, exciting demonstrations, but always with encouragement for personal choice and growth.  There is a richness of sharing from Nancy the polymath, of the wisdom of the grand masters, not only of art, but also of philosophers, writers, poets, mathematicians and more.

But keystone in all has been to quietly and consistently build self belief. There is magic here and I cannot thank Nancy enough for her generosity and incredible program. The program is not a painting course per se, it is a invitation to dance in the internal landscape of magical creativity.

~ Maggy Herbert-Jobson

Vera took her painting to a new level

As for Nancy: I don’t know where to start my praise. I think I will start by saying that you are a marvelous person: it shows through in your teaching. You are full of life, full of love of life, and have a deep understanding of the “other.” You are a fantastic teacher, and your lessons are so intelligently put together! I can honestly say to you that this is one of the best workshops I have taken! You not only provided invaluable information, with which you opened doors to a new level in painting, but also you led us through with your encouragement & your belief that we can do it. You made it possible for us to venture in new territory & helped us through it!

~ Vera V. Tchikovani

Marian incorporated painting with her yoga practice

Nancy’s many years of study as an artist, practice as an existential psychiatrist, and exceptional understanding of the creative process come together to infuse and ignite her curriculum.

Mastery and joy combine and characterize her eloquent teaching.

And her painting demonstrations are incredibly illuminating, inviting, fun and beyond inspirational.

The Artist’s Journey Course Work and Nancy’s abiding trust and encouragement are the cornerstone of my artistic development.

Watching her simultaneously paint and teach is captivating and spellbinding, like the best improv theater ever.

I’ve travelled from nascent “yeah kind of” artist to one who races to her studio, eager to spend time painting, experimenting, exploring, allowing, and finally, liking my work.

My wall is strewn with starts, paintings, exercises and things unknown hang all over. No small task! Grateful to Nancy forever! Namaste!

~ Marian Bach

One of my art teachers from a few years ago was telling me that I could not do abstract painting. So I was eager to learn and valued this online opportunity, where I could experiment without being criticized.

The great structure of the course, the video demos, and exercises helped me to overcome the blockage. And having some written contents made it easy to find my way around. To get a material list with each module was also really helpful.

I opened up and found new ways of expressing myself.

Nancy had such a wonderful encouraging way to guide me through each month and still has that motivating and enthusiastic way to keep me inspired.

Even though I have not really published anything during the training, because I felt shy about it. I feel deep gratitude and I actually recently exhibited some of my paintings that were greatly influenced by the training I had.

I joined the Creators Challenge on the Facebook group a few days ago and posted my first three paintings there just now.

Thanks for everything!

~ Gisela Kissing

Ready to Create Your Deepest Art with Confidence?

Simply book a complimentary clarity call to talk about where you are in your Artistic Journey and what is the best next step for you to reach where you want to be. Let’s talk! 

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