Creating Your Deepest Work

Lay the inner foundation for creating your deepest,
most alive and meaningful abstract art  

I see thousands of abstract painters like you struggle with expressing themselves in their paintings…


They’re afraid and blocked. Every time they start to paint, they question how it will turn out.

“What if no one likes it? What if I don’t like it?”

They question their talent, and painting becomes arduous and painful. They feel lost, wanting to express themselves but not knowing how. But when they learn the 3 secrets of the masters to creating authentic abstract paintings, it all changes. Finally, they’re able to paint with joy and create art they love. I know this because I learned the same lesson myself, and I’ll share it all with you in this email course.

In this 7-Day Email Course, you’ll receive a daily lesson in your inbox. These lessons are meant to stimulate you to think deeply about your reasons for creating as well as explore your personal story, myths, inner narratives, struggles, aha’s, intentions, doubts, yearnings, inspiration, commitment, what if’s, and so forth. 

Nancy Hillis, M.D., Artist, Best Selling Author, Speaker & Stanford Trained Existential Psychiatrist.

What The 7 Day Email Course Can Do For You

These lessons are meant to encourage and inspire you to develop your daily studio practice, cultivate an attitude of experimentation and exploration, and reflect upon your inner landscape of why you create.

I believe that by being aware of your reasons for creating, your big Why, you’ll open up creative channels that will express your deepest work…work that is alive, meaningful, and full of YOU. 

Here are the lessons we’ll cover:

  • Lesson 1: Your Big Why
  • Lesson 2: Recurring Themes & Your Big Why
  • Lesson 3: Bonus Lesson From The Artist’s Journey Online Course: Mapping Your Way 
  • Lesson 4: Why Your Why Matters
  • Lesson 5: Make It Visual
  • Lesson 6: Experimentation
  • Lesson 7: Surprise Video Lesson & Wrap Up 

Nancy's courses were the best online courses I have ever attended. For a long time I was looking for my own way of painting, in which I feel comfortable and which suits me. At Nancy I finally found what I had been looking for for so long.

Each lesson is supported by a video in which Nancy paints a picture from start to finish. That was very helpful for me.

It is such a great gift that I was able to experience thanks to these courses. I have finally found my way to paint as it suits me.

When I paint, I feel that I paint from my innermost source. And when the picture is done, it's exactly what I want to show. I can finally identify with my pictures. I would like to thank Nancy for that.

Cornelia Lehmann

The Artist’s Journey® Course & Masterclass Alumnus


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