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About Hanne-Lise

Hi, I’m Hanne-Lise. I studied French language, literature and history of art, including studio artworks at Aarhus University. Then I studied the history of art and “arts plastiques” at Sorbonne Paris. Followed by the classes of Lucio Loubet at “American Centre for Students and Artists” in Paris. 

I exhibited my prints and paintings in several places over the years . Public exhibitions, Individual exhibitions in different companies, institutes, ministries, schools and more. Lately I have participated in exhibitions arranged by the organization “Artmoney” . 

For some years now I have been greatly inspired by the courses and books of Nancy Hillis. They have given me a freedom to create that I didn’t have earlier. 

I have always made art. It was an outlet at first, a way to convey my feelings, that I couldn’t express as a child. Later it has been another language for me, a way to comment upon the world through colors and forms. I hope it can bring some kind of hope and stability into this confused world. 

You can see some of my recent works on Instagram: hl_enghoff_art

Hanne-Lise’s Paintings & Work

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