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You’re Invited To Become A Studio Journeyer

Watch A Snippet From A Studio Journey Demo Below

If being a Studio Journeyer and having a weekly Art Bundle loaded with lessons, inspiration and encouragement sounds exciting to you…then REGISTER HERE NOW and get into Studio Journey.

A wonderful artist, Carol Dickerson is a founding member of Studio Journey. She wrote about her experience of the course on Artsy.com:

Carol Dickerson-Artist and Founding Member-Studio Journey Course


You can see Carol’s full press release HERE. 

If you desire to go deeper in your art, if you can imagine believing in yourself and your dreams, of painting prolifically, of having a studio full of paintings where you explore and experiment deeply, then you’ll love Studio Journey.

Studio Journey is about the inner journey of saying “yes” to your dream to create your deepest art. 

My mission is to guide you as an artist to believe in and trust yourself so you can move closer and closer to your most authentic and meaningful self expression in your art. 

Here are some Journeyers who said “yes” to the Journey. You can see examples of their posts in our lively Facebook group below.


Studio Journey Facebook group

Studio Journey Facebook group


Every day, artists post works in progress, explorations and experiments, art journal studies, thoughts, questions, revelations and aha’s…as they pour their heart and soul into their art.

Here’s an example from our private Facebook group:


Studio Journey Facebook Group

Studio Journey Facebook Group


As you can see, we encourage deep exploration, experimentation and risk taking in your art.

One of our amazing Journeyers writes below that play and experimentation is crucial to her art. It’s all about experimentation.

Studio Journey Facebook Group

Studio Journey Facebook Group


If this whets your appetite, I’d love to see you jump into Studio Journey.

For details, go to: https://www.artistsjourney.com/studio-journey-course

If you have any questions, contact Team Journey at support@nancyhillis.com.

I’ll see you on the Journey!

With gratitude from my studio to yours,


P.S.  Register for Studio Journey HERE. 

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