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Long long ago I was banned from art in my kindergarten class at age 6 for making a mess (I still do!) and told to go and focus on math and English, and so I did...

In time, my career flourished and took me to far and distant places from Singapore to the Jebel Akbar, from Hawaii to Moscow, from Paris to Prague....and many many more. I became a consultant working initially in military and civil aviation and later in transnational law...

I loved to take the road less traveled, but I never ever painted, I had been banned by the powerful wizard. 

And so it was not to be until over 50 years later when that ban timed out - following a severe riding accident and when I fractured many vertebrae. In spinal rehab, there was a very encouraging art therapist, who asked if I would like to paint ...

I loved playing with color, although  I knew I believed I was not really allowed to paint, but a rebel grew in strength and I began to wonder ... ‘ just what if ...?’ And then,  I fell in love with making marks and trying to express feelings and over the next 15 years, I devoured books, courses, videos and all possible to learn ... 

And so, the novice learnt to draw, learnt something about composition, some basic colour theory - and began to exhibit and was astonished when 5 years later I was encouraged to enter a national juried competition. The Gods smiled, and I was selected  - not just that year, but year after year

But, deep inside there was still that persistent voice saying I was not allowed, not good enough. The fear of failure echoed loud and the light went out, I began to stumble around, avoiding my studio - I had lost my belief and compass. 

And then,  one day, when I was very close to giving up, as if by magic, a guide showed up ...a guide who has quietly transformed my studio practice - and brick by brick built my self belief and courage and helped me to paint, paint AND paint and explore and experiment...

Nancy’s way of teaching provides an absolute smorgasbord of learning opportunities and a multiplicity of pathways: from core concepts and principles to guided personal reflection, exciting demonstrations, but always with encouragement for personal choice and growth.  There is a richness of sharing from Nancy the polymath, of the wisdom of the grand masters, not only of art, but also of philosophers, writers, poets, mathematicians and more.

But keystone in all has been to quietly and consistently build self belief. There is magic here and I cannot thank Nancy enough for her generosity and incredible program. The Studio Journey is not a painting course per se, it is a invitation to dance in the internal landscape of magical creativity.

Maggy Herbert-Jobson

Studio Journey™ Alumnus

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