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Blank Canvas
to Lots of Starts



Cultivate Exploration & Experimentation

For Newbie Artists:

Activating The Canvas™

A year long self-paced 5 module online course to loosen up and free up your inner artist in this exciting introduction to abstract painting.

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Signature Course:

The Artist’s Journey®: 3 Secrets of the Masters

A year long step-by-step 5 week online course where you’ll learn to believe and trust in yourself, so you can create art with confidence, deeply explore and experiment, and embrace the unknown.

This is for artists of all levels.

All About Color:

Experimenting With Color™

A year long self-paced 6 module online course that aims to simplify the world of color and develop a deeper knowledge and confidence when you employ color in your abstract paintings and any artistic project. You’ll create dynamic, visually exciting color combinations your eyes will love.


The Adjacent Possible Live Program

Up-level your Art in an Interactive Live Online Program 

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Live Online Comprehensive Program:

Studio Journey Masterclass

A year devoted to going on your inner journey and implementing the 3 Key Practices: Start,  Experiment, Evolve to help you overcome inhibitions, fall in love with painting again, create paintings that wow you and reach that place of continuing evolution with your art that is dynamic, alive and evolving. 

(Using principles from the intersections of art, science, psychology, evolutionary biology, mathematics, theoretical physics and creativity research that most artists don’t know)  

FREE WORKSHOP: 3 Massive Mistakes Even Professional Artists Make!

Learn the three vital studio practices that are at the core of creating as an artist to overcome inhibitions, activate your creativity, fall in love with painting again and create paintings that wow you.








About Nancy Hillis

About Nancy Hillis, MD

Your most astonishing work comes from deep exploration and experimentation. I encourage you to find the nascent, unexpressed parts of yourself, give voice to your subconscious experiences, and finally express YOU in your art and life.