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Create Abstract Paintings

Explore Your Own Personal Lexicon Of Mark Making With Powerful Exercises

Activating The Canvas™

A self-paced 5 module online course to free up your inner artist in this exciting introduction to abstract painting.

Activating the Canvas was featured As One of the Top Online Art Courses by

Trust Yourself In Your Art

The Inner Journey to believe in yourself & 2 technical game changers to  create with confidence

The Artist’s Journey®: 3 Secrets of the Masters

A self-paced 5 Module online course where you’ll learn to believe and trust in yourself, so you can create art with confidence, deeply explore and experiment, and embrace the unknown.


Simplify Color

Explore & Experiment with color with ease and joy. Simplify &  create dynamic color combinations

Experimenting With Color™

A self-paced 6 module online course that simplifies the complexity of color. Develop a deeper knowledge and confidence when you employ color in your paintings. Create dynamic, visually exciting color combinations with ease..


Psych Ward

Our new serialized fiction

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Psych Ward

Our new serialized fiction