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Say Yes To Your Dream To Create | Nancy Hillis, MD | The Artist's Journey book is finished and will be published in January 2019.

The Call to Create

When you finally say yes to your dream to create, everything changes.

You’re living your life and something calls you. You yearn for meaning, a new experience, something that brings you alive.

But you hesitate. You’re afraid. You feel anxious and torn. You feel overwhelmed. You don’t know how or where to start.

(There’s a video at the bottom of this post)

The Refusal

And so you refuse.

You turn your face away. You procrastinate. You create excuses for why you can’t do this thing you want to do. You avoid.

But one day, you’ve had enough of refusal and you finally say “yes” to your dream.

This happens over and over in our lives.

Dreams of Horses

Years ago I was creating collages of horses on full sheets of watercolor paper and I wanted to paint large, abstract horses on canvas- but I was unsure. I wanted to work with inks and fluid acrylics but I wasn’t sure how to translate the smaller horse to the larger canvas. How would I “go large”?

It felt daunting.

And so I avoided painting that enormous horse I saw in my dreams for 7 months.

No More “Waiting For Godot”

One day I’d simply had enough of waiting, of delaying my dream.

It was on that day that I simply dove in, I experimented not knowing what would happen. It might be a terrible painting, it might not work out- but at least I would have begun the journey to creating large horse paintings!

That pivotal moment led to the creation of numerous abstracted horse paintings that landed in a gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

If I’d stayed in the state of refusal, I’d still be here wondering about the horse in my dreams.

The Cycle of Creation

Life is continually in flux. There’s a life/death/life cycle to all things. As things die away, others are being born and others are in intermediate states. It’s like the cycle of nature.

Eventually, I moved away from painting horses to abstracted figures and now to gestural abstraction.

The Inner Journey of Creation and Self Expression

For years, I’ve been called to write a book about the inner journey of creation and self expression. And for years, there were multitudes of reasons for why I never got to it.

I kept saying to myself that I would write that book one day.

Days turned into years with no book in sight. The earth continued its relentless course around the sun.

The seasons hurtled by stroboscopically and I got older.

Still, no book.

Then I realized: dead women publish no books and I decided to sit down and write it.

And here it is, my unfolding dream:


P.S. Say yes to your dream. Scroll down and leave me a comment and let me know what you think. If you’d like to be part of the launch team, let me know.

In gratitude,


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