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Nancy Hillis, M.D. is an abstract artist, existential psychiatrist and founder of The Artist’s Journey Psychotherapy Program and The Artist’s Journey abstract painting and creativity workshops, classes and presentations. She studied radiology at Harvard, psychiatry at Stanford and abstract art from Steven Aimone.

As an artist, author and psychiatrist she’s guided over 50,000 students all over the world to deeply explore and experiment in their art in order to find and trust their authentic self expression.

Nancy is featured in the New York Observer (Should Artists Fear Therapy?) about her work counseling artists, as well as in The Registrar of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (The Artist and  Psychiatrist: Interview with Dr. Nancy Hillis) and the Stanford magazine Bench & Bedside (Art and Soul: Medicine Meets Creative Expression).

Nancy is also featured in Jeanine Blackwell’s book: The Expert Called You as well as in Inc. magazine.

Some Key Facts and Stats Include:

  • Instagram page: over 49K followers
  • Pinterest Account: over 841K monthly viewers
  • Amazon Books Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars
  • 20K+ Monthly unique visits on her website.

Nancy Hillis’ Bio

Nancy Hillis is an existential psychiatrist, author and abstract artist who lives and works in Santa Cruz, California. As a physician she studied radiology at Harvard and psychiatry at Stanford. Her lifelong studies in creativity spurred her to write the bestselling book The Artist’s Journey in 2018 as well as to create The Artist’s Journey courses and workshops in 2016. She’s guided thousands of artists to create their deepest art in her classes. Nancy led live abstract painting workshops in Maine and North Carolina in Doing The Work Of Your Life workshops with fellow artist Katherine Aimone from 2015-2016. In 2000, Nancy produced a television program in California called ​Creativity and Consciousness ​where she explored the creative process of artists. Nancy has taught experimental painting at Stanford Sierra Camp since 2011. Nancy is a bestselling author and has been featured in Inc. magazine, The New York Observer, The Register of The Royal College of Psychiatrists and Stanford’s Bench & Bedside magazine.

Nancy is Available for …

  • Podcast interviews
  • Print media interviews world-wide
  • TV interviews
  • Webinars
  • Telesummits
  • Radio interview
  • Keynote presentations:
    The Adjacent Possible® Keynote (Learn more)
    The Artist’s Journey® Keynote
  • Half day events
  • Full day workshops
  • 2 days seminars

Selected Interviews and Teachings

NBC 2: Library Bub Selection: The Artist’s Journey
NBC 2: Library Bub Selection: The Artist’s Journey

The Artist's Journey featured on NBC as a  LibraryBub selection   Founded in 2015, LibraryBub is the industry's first service dedicated to connecting indie and small-press authors with an extensive network of libraries. You can read the full article here...

Mind Love Podcast: Sparking Creativity
Mind Love Podcast: Sparking Creativity

A snippet from MindLove Podcast Episode #83 Go here >>> https://www.mindlove.com/podcast/sparking-creativity/ to listen to the full podcast episode on Sparking Creativity   I'd love to hear your thoughts on the interview. Leave me a comment below and let...

Stanford Sierra Camp 2019
Stanford Sierra Camp 2019

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The Artist’s Journey Book Review by Adele Sypesteyn
The Artist’s Journey Book Review by Adele Sypesteyn

View this post on Instagram ??? ??????? ??????? ⠀ This is a brand new book by @nancyhillisstudio that dives into the mind of the artist, especially when aspects of our art and creativity become challenging. I highly recommend it. ⠀ #theartistsjourney...

The Artist’s Journey Book Review: Patricia Schwimmer
The Artist’s Journey Book Review: Patricia Schwimmer

Patricia Schwimmer's Review   The Artist's Journey book review by Patricia Schwimmer Have you seen @nancyhillisstudio book The Artist's Journey? I've almost completed my first read through and it is so empowering...because it helps you move through all those...

The Artist’s Journey: Book Review Press Release
The Artist’s Journey: Book Review Press Release

For immediate release: Author's new book receives a warm literary welcome. Readers' Favorite announces the review of the Non-Fiction - Self Help book The Artist's Journey by Nancy Hillis, currently available at https://www.amazon.com/dp/0999750410. Readers' Favorite...

Lit From Within Show Interview by Jaimsyne Blakely
Lit From Within Show Interview by Jaimsyne Blakely

This new series is called Lit from Within. I’m honored to be a special guest on the show.     There are more opportunities than ever to find and do the work you love… And yet, so many people are unhappy with their career or have reached a peak with their...

The Artist’s Journey Book Review by Cheryl Wilson
The Artist’s Journey Book Review by Cheryl Wilson

Bold Strokes To Spark Creativity Cheryl Wilson @cherylwilsonart reviews The Artist's Journey: Bold Strokes To Spark Creativity in her Instagram feed and IGTV. See the video below.   View this post on Instagram The Artist's Journey: Bold Strokes To Spark...

Nancy’s Presentations

Interviews | Presentations | Media

2021: Interview: Creative Haven Podcast with Mitchel Dumlao

2021: Interview: Tap Into Your Creativity Instagram Live with Sandra Felemovicius 

2020: Interview: She Made it Podcast with Elle Zimmerman

2020: Interview: The Jim Rutt Show

2020: Interview: Book Lover’s TV with Daniel Hall

2020: Interview: Instagram LIVE “Tap Into Your Creativity” with Sandra Felemovicius

2020: Interview: Creative Haven Podcast with Mitchel Dumlao

2019: Interview: Lit From Within ShowInterviewed by Jamisyne Blakeley

2019: Interview: The Artful Soul Series. Interviewed by Rachel Rose

2019: Featured in film: Nancy’s StoryBehind the scenes of a book launch.

2018: Featured speaker: San Francisco Opera Guild: The Artist’s Journey and the Hero’s Journey in Art & Life

2018: Featured in The Expert Called You book by Jeanine Blackwell

2018: Featured in Inc. magazine article on 8 Female Entrepreneurs

2017: Interview with Artist & Psychiatrist Dr. Nancy Hillis. The Registrar: The Royal College of Psychiatry

2016: Should Artists Fear Therapy?  New York Observer

2010: Art and Soul: Medicine Meets Creative Expression. Bench and Bedside. Stanford Medical Alumni Association

2007: Aptos Psychiatrist Seeks Solace In Art. Register Pajaronian. Psychiatrist explores the depths of creativity as well as the psychological processes that stop it.

2000: Created and hosted: Creativity & Consciousness television program: Exploring psychotherapy for artists and creators as well as the underpinnings of creativity.


Inc magazine, September 2018, Experts Can Earn 6 to 7 Figures in This $300 Billion-Dollar Industry. These Women Are Doing It, Why Not You?

The New York Observer, February 2017, Should Artists Fear Therapy?

Studio Visit Magazine, ​Spring 2015, Volume 27, Published by Open Studios Press

Stanford Bench and Bedside, ​Spring 2012, Art and Soul: Medicine Meets Creative Expression

Santa Cruz Record, l​egal newspaper, March 24, 2009, Nancy Leigh Hillis

The Informed Collector, ​art newsletter, March 17, 2009, Informed Collector Recommends: Nancy Leigh Hillis, 

Metro Santa Cruz, ​article, October 3-10, 2007, House Calls

Register Pajaronian, ​article, October 8, 2007, Aptos Psychiatrist Finds Solace In Art

Selected Exhibitions

Solo Exhibition, ​Marjorie Evans Gallery, The Map and the Territory, ​Carmel, CA, 2015

Group Exhibition, ​Pablo Milan Gallery, Abstract Works, ​Santa Fe, NM, 2014

Group Exhibition, ​Pablo Milan Gallery, Abstract Horses and Figures, ​Santa Fe, NM, 2013

Group Exhibition, ​Contemporary Masters Gallery, The Horse,  ​Maui, HI, 2012

Solo Exhibition, ​Marjorie Evans Gallery at the Sunset Center, The Horse: A Guide To The Unknown, ​Carmel, CA, 2012

Group Exhibition, ​Pablo Milan Gallery, Figurative Abstractions, ​Santa Fe, NM, 2011

Solo Exhibition, ​Many Hands Gallery, ​Capitola, CA, 2011

Group Exhibition, ​Mary Tomas Gallery, ​Dallas, TX, 2010

Solo Exhibition, ​Pasadena Heritage Tour,​ Pasadena, CA, 2010

Solo Exhibition, ​Arkansas Lt. Governor’s Office, ​Little Rock, AR, 2009

Solo Exhibition, ​Many Hands Gallery, ​Capitola, CA, 2009

Solo Exhibition, ​Arkansas State Capitol, ​Little Rock, AR, 2009

Group Exhibition, ​Santa Cruz Art League, Irreplaceable Places,​ Santa Cruz, CA, 2009

Two Woman Exhibition, ​Santa Cruz Baroque Festival, Listening To Nature: Musique En Plein Air, ​Santa Cruz, CA, 2009

Group Exhibition, ​Harmonics, Inc., Going Green, ​Sunnyvale, CA, 2009

Group Exhibition, ​Museum of Art and History, Stars Auction, ​Santa Cruz, CA, 2008


The Hero’s Journey in Art and Life presented at the San Francisco Opera Guild Opening Exhibition, August 2018


Exploratory Painting: Stanford Sierra Camp, Medical Alumni, June 2011-2018 (upcoming workshop in June 2019)

Doing The Work Of Your Life, Moving Beyond Fear In Abstract Painting, Thomaston, Maine-August 2016

Doing The Work Of Your Life, Moving Beyond Fear In Abstract Painting, Asheville, North Carolina, April-May, 2016 (2 sessions)

Doing The Work Of Your Life, Moving Beyond Fear In Abstract Painting, Thomaston, Maine-July 2015


Marjorie Evans Gallery, Carmel, CA

Gallerie Amsterdam, Carmel, CA

Phoebe’s Gallery, Capitola, CA

Approved Photos

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The Artist's Journey Creativity Reflection Journal
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About Nancy Hillis

About Nancy Hillis

Nancy believes that your most astonishing work comes from deep exploration and experimentation. She encourages you to find the nascent, unexpressed parts of yourself, give voice to your subconscious experiences, and finally express YOU in your art and life.