Bringing Structure Into
An Abstract Painting “Start”

Pull out some of your painting ‘starts’ that have been patiently waiting for you in your studio. I invite you to breathe life into them by working with the concepts we’re about to discuss in this Workshop. SIGN UP BELOW!

I see thousands of abstract painters like you struggle with expressing themselves in their paintings…


They’re afraid and blocked. Every time they start to paint, they question how it will turn out.

“What if no one likes it? What if I don’t like it?”

They question their talent, and painting becomes arduous and painful. They feel lost, wanting to express themselves but not knowing how. But when they learn the 3 secrets of the masters to creating authentic abstract paintings, it all changes. Finally, they’re able to paint with joy and create art they love. I know this because I learned the same lesson myself, and I’ll share it all with you on the workshop.

Join me and sign up below, 

Nancy Hillis, M.D., Artist, Best Selling Author, Speaker & Stanford Trained Existential Psychiatrist.

I LOVE both of the Journeys very much!!!

And I am very happy and inspired to do my work more structured than ever before. I always say to my family “my Nancy” because she became a part of my artistic life. I learn so much (also English language!) and I love the high level of her thoughts, also her exchange with her loving partner. 

Maja Jiranek

The Artist’s Journey® Course & Studio Journey™ Alumnus


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