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A 12-week online course to ignite your creativity, cultivate your studio practice and transform your experience of creating art.

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I have registered for three of Nancy’s courses and her book as well since I love the style of her abstract paintings. 

What I have learned from her courses are very useful for me. In Experimenting with Color, being able to adjust my improvisational paintings with basic understandings. It is obviously that I have got more confidence in my studio than before. 

The Studio Journey course provided me with understanding and insights into abstract paintings. It did help me to be able to experiment freely in creative ways, with no worry about how improvisational paintings are. I can adjust and refine my intuitive painting with self-confidence. 

It is obvious that joining the courses made me feel like being an artist and my dream of becoming an artist comes true.

Ngo Thuy

Artist’s Journey®, Studio Journey™, Experimenting with Color™ Alumnus & The Artist's Journey Book Reader

I had the greatest artistic experience with the program. Nancy shows great care and compassion in her work and instructions. The most profound thing for me is that she helped release any doubt or fear about working as an abstract artist and to never doubt my own creativity and expression. Thank you Nancy! 

Lois Stone

Studio Journey™ Alumnus

Nancy's strong belief in self trust has started to rub off on me. This has changed my work immeasurably. I feel I'm on an exciting path toward understanding more fully why the creative process is so essential in my life .

Eva Darrington

Studio Journey™ Alumnus

Nancy is a very generous teacher giving great knowledge as a psychiatrist & artist. She instills in us the belief “to trust yourself “ & step into the unknown...terra incognito.

Nancy is vivacious & interesting in her presentation of the modules in the courses, which I have enjoyed immensely.

Having completed The Artist Journey course & Studio Journey, I have been provided with invaluable information, developed a very strong studio practice & the love of exploring & experimenting.

My work has indeed gone to a new level, for which I thank Nancy & am eternally grateful.

Throughout my 4 year association with Nancy, I have made many new friends through the special Facebook groups & have enjoyed chatting with these “like minded” artists & viewing their work. I have also been fortunate to meet some in Australia in person, we have formed a lovely friendship.

Thank you, Nancy for these wonderful opportunities.

Rhonda Campbell, Australia

Artist’s Journey® & Studio Journey™ Alumnus

I adored the studio journey with my whole heart. It was the best experience of my own journey so far. I tear up when I think about what that course did for me. And how I love Nancy for bringing it into our world.

It caused me to have the courage to create my own online course. Her book is my bible and I advertise it as such in my course. Nancy is a generous soul who understands the inner struggle artists face. I will never forget her. 

Jeanette Goulart

Studio Journey™ Alumnus, The Artist's Journey® Book Reader

Want to be inspired and motivated to show up and create consistently?

Are you stuck struggling with the middle of the painting, feeling lost and not quite knowing what to do next to create paintings you love?

Are you sensing that there’s an astonishing artist living inside of you who only needs the confidence to believe this so she can create her deepest work?

I hear you!

Painting is a mirror

It brings up everything, including fear, self doubt, perfectionism, inner criticism, and even resignation.

I’ve been there myself which is why I created Studio Journey.

After painting for over twenty years in various mediums and styles, I know the stumbling blocks for artists:


wanting to start painting but afraid it won’t be good enough 


concern that it’s too late


feeling like you’re not a “real artist” and never will be


enjoying starting paintings but feeling anxious about finishing them


repeating what’s worked before but feeling unfulfilled by this


replicating other artist’s work and never feeling like you’re expressing your own vision


wanting to express YOU and not knowing how


lacking confidence as an artist

I’m here to help you navigate the perils of your artist’s journey and to trust yourself as an artist, deeply experiment and finally express YOU in your art.

I am very pleased with the Studio Journey course. It is challenging yet supportive and provides a wonderful approach to doing intuitive work. Nancy Hillis is extremely generous with information. She is a prolific and exceptional writer and her Studio Journey is enhanced by all she shares.

Catherine Nugent

Studio Journey™ Course Alumnus

Hey there, I'm Nancy

An Abstract Artist, Bestselling Author and Stanford Trained Existential Psychiatrist

I’ve been an artist and existential psychiatrist for over 20 years and I'm passionate about creativity, aliveness, and meaning.

I've been an abstract painter for decades. Several years ago I created a television program "Creativity & Consciousness" where I interviewed artists on their creative process. I learned that artists in every genre grapple with fear and self-doubt and that the interior landscape affects everything!

I believe that abstract painting is a powerful way of getting at meaning and that art is a mirror that reflects our livesthe canvas reflects back our feelings, moods, interior states, and life.

I've guided thousands of artists in creating their deepest, most alive and meaningful work, and I would love to be your guide, too!




A 12-week online course to ignite your creativity, cultivate your studio practice
and transform your experience of creating art.

What You’ll Receive

Become a Journeyer and receive the following fresh content over 12 weeks.


Studio Concept

Learn a new concept in abstract painting every week.

Studio Exploration

Investigate your inner and outer landscape as it relates to the week’s lessons. 

Studio Exercise

Implement what you’re learning by completing suggested exercises. Yes, there’s homework! 

Studio Demo

Watch a fresh painting demo every week where I complete a painting and give commentary and tips throughout. 


Follow the simple, step-by-step instructions each week, and you’ll be able to create abstract paintings that you LOVE in no time at all.

One of my art teachers from a few years ago was telling me that I could not do abstract painting. So I was eager to learn and valued this online opportunity, where I could experiment without being criticized.

The great structure of the course, the video demos, and exercises helped me to overcome the blockage. And having some written contents made it easy to find my way around. To get a material list with each module was also really helpful.

I opened up and found new ways of expressing myself.

Nancy had such a wonderful encouraging way to guide me through each month and still has that motivating and enthusiastic way to keep me inspired.

Even though I have not really published anything during the training, because I felt shy about it. I feel deep gratitude and I actually recently exhibited some of my paintings that were greatly influenced by the training I had.

I joined the Creators Challenge on the Facebook group a few days ago and posted my first three paintings there just now.

Thanks for everything!

Gisela Kissing

Studio Journey™ Alumnus

You’ll Get 12 Weekly Painting Demos

Look forward to 12 weekly painting demos as well as lessons, explorations, exercises, resources and surprises awaiting you. Here are some examples of workshops you’ll receive:

First Workshop: Working In A Series

Second Workshop: The Power Of Constraint

Third Workshop: Working Large, Staying Loose

You’ll learn To Cultivate & Nourish Your Studio Practice

Finally create the art of your dreams. Loosen up, express yourself and breathe life into your paintings. Accelerate your development as an artist by learning studio secrets of the pros.

Studio Journey is a new workshop delivered weekly to you for 12 weeks and with a year of access that helps both new art students and seasoned artists enrich their studio practice through lessons, exercises, painting tutorials and resources. After a year you can renew access for a nominal fee.

In Studio Journey you’ll receive emails to guide, encourage and motivate you as you explore, experiment and connect with other artists.

You’ll have access to a growing library of resources including: art lessons, video demonstrations, painting exercises, supply lists, studio tips and other surprises.

In Studio Journey you’ll have access to Dr. Nancy Hillis in our private Facebook groups. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to meet a community of artists who know the agony and the ecstasy of creating abstract art.

Journeyers love creating abstract art and together we inspire and encourage one another to explore and experiment as artists because that’s where the magic is!   

Breathe life into your art. Become a Journeyer!

I am about 75% through the course and it is all coming together for me. Nancy's way of explaining and doing her demos have been extremely helpful. Being able to go back and forth with the lessons has been a great advantage for me.

Nancy has been very generous with what she has shared. Many workshop teachers aren't as giving as she has been. 

The course has been wonderful, am very happy I am taking it, and love The Artist's Journey book she wrote as well.

Maureen Farrell

Studio Journey™ Alumnus, The Artist's Journey Book Reader

Benefits of the Course

Art Workshop & Training

Weekly Workshop

Each week, a new concept based workshop is released. Each workshop includes four main lessons: Studio Concept where we explore a concept relevant to abstract painting, Studio Exploration where we investigate both the inner and outer landscape that gives juice and fuels our evolution as artists, Studio Exercise where we implement and experiment with the concepts we’re learning and Studio Demo where I complete a painting and give commentary about the process.


Imagine having a new art focused training every week. You submit topics, questions and art techniques you’re most interested in as well as images of your art. Be inspired and encouraged by Nancy and Team Journey as well as the other wonderful Journeyers.

Community & Library

Art Secrets & Resources

Need a refresher on how to employ flux on an automatic drawing? Need to find out which paper to purchase? Want to know how to ship a large canvas painting half way across the country inexpensively? This growing ORGANIC LIBRARY of resources will save you loads of time. This is an evolving collection you can access as needed.


In the Studio Journey Intensive course we believe in encouraging and inspiring one another on our artist’s journey. Fellow artists will celebrate your experimentation and your accomplishments. They’ll also believe in you on days when you need it the most. We have a private Facebook group and this is where you can access Nancy through comments and questions. We’re here to guide and support you to create your deepest studio practice and art.

The Holy Grail Of Creating


Threading through Studio Journey as well as all my courses, workshops, video tutorials and books is the idea that your inner landscape affects everything in your art and life. In order to create your deepest, most meaningful, astonishing and alive abstract art…you’ve got to believe in yourself enough to take the risks necessary to explore and experiment.

What this boils down to is finally trusting yourself as an artist and person. Indeed, this is the holy grail of creation.

It’s not easy but it’s possible to cultivate an attitude of trusting yourself as you paint.

It’s the work of my life to help artists to believe in themselves and I’m here to help and guide you on your artist’s journey in your studio.

Your course has made such a difference in my abstract painting.  I can’t tell you how glad I am to have found your courses! Thank you! A teacher had mentioned you in class so I googled you and signed up for your email updates.  When I was able to, I signed up for both of your classes. You have made such an impact on my life. You have helped me be better at something I am passionate about. For that, I can’t thank you enough!

Heather Zappettini

Studio Journey™ & Experimenting with Color Alumnus

What You’ll Learn Each Week

1: Working In A Series
2: The Power Of Constraint
3: Working Large, Staying Loose
4: Color Contrast
5: Value Contrast
6: Intuitive Composition
7: Rhythm
8: Structure
9: Shape & Shape Relationships
10: Color & Value Relationships
11: Exploratory Mark Making
12: Minimalism
Explore the Syllabus for the Course

Studio Start

  • Start Navigating The Website
  • Start VIDEO WELCOME: Introduction
  • Start About Me
  • Start Philosophy
  • Start Studio Resources
  • Start Welcome – Introduce Yourself
  • Start Studio Journey Discussion Board

#1: Working In A Series

  • Start Introduction
  • Start NEW VIDEO: Studio Concept
  • Start NEW AUDIO: Studio Exploration
  • Start Studio Exercise #1
  • Start Studio Exercise #2
  • Start NEW VIDEO: Studio Exercise #3 
  • Start Studio Demo 
  • Start Studio Secret: Creating Many Starts
  • Start SPECIAL Preview of Art Bundle #2: Zorn Palette 
  • Start Studio Discussion

#2: The Power Of Constraint

  • Start Introduction
  • Start Studio Concept 
  • Start Studio Exploration
  • Start Studio Exercise #1 
  • Start Studio Exercise #2 
  • Start Studio Demo 
  • Start Studio Discussion
  • Bonus: Studio Secret #1
  • Start Introduction
  • Start Studio Exercise #1: Zorn Palette #1 
  • Start Studio Exercise #2: Zorn Palette #2
  • Start Studio Demo: Zorn Palette Art Journal #1 
  • Start Studio Demo: Zorn Palette Art Journal #2 
  • Start Studio Discussion

#3: Working Large, Staying Loose

  • Start Introduction
  • Start Studio Concept 
  • Start Studio Exploration
  • Start Studio Exercise #1
  • Start Studio Exercise #2
  • Start Studio Demo 
  • Start Studio Discussion

#4: Color Contrast

  • Start Introduction
  • Start Studio Concept
  • Start Studio Exploration
  • Start Studio Exercise: Color Contrast #1
  • Start Studio Exercise: Color Contrast Exercise #2
  • Start Studio Exercise: Color Contrast #3
  • Start Studio Demo
  • Start Studio Discussion

#5: Value Contrast

  • Start Introduction
  • Start Studio Concept 
  • Start Studio Exploration
  • Start Studio Exercise
  • Start BONUS Studio Exercise: Go Big With Value Studies
  • Start BONUS Studio Exercise: Value Predominance
  • Start Studio Demo 
  • Start BONUS Studio Demo: Divide The Space With Values 
  • Start Studio Discussion

#6: Intuitive Composition

  • Start Introduction
  • Start Studio Concept: Intuitive Composition
  • Start Studio Concept: Simplifying Composition 
  • Start Studio Exercise
  • Start Studio Exploration
  • Start Studio Demo 
  • Start Studio Discussion

#7: Rhythm

  • Start Introduction
  • Start Studio Concept
  • Start Studio Exploration
  • Start Studio Exercise #1: Rhythm Maquettes 
  • Start Studio Exercise #2: Rhythmic Sequences 
  • Start Studio Exercise #3: Rhythm & Combinatorics 
  • Start Studio Demo: Rhythm 
  • Start Studio Discussion

#8: Structure

  • Start Introduction
  • Start Studio Concept 
  • Start Studio Exploration
  • Start Studio Exercise #1: The Grid + Automatic Drawing
  • Start Studio Exercise #2
  • Start Studio Demo 
  • Start Studio Discussion

#9: Shape & Shape Relationships

  • Start Introduction
  • Start Studio Concept
  • Start Studio Exploration
  • Start Studio Exercise #1
  • Start Studio Exercise #2
  • Start Studio Exercise #3
  • Start Studio Demo
  • Start Studio Discussion

#10: Color & Value Relationships

  • Start Introduction
  • Start Studio Concept
  • Start Studio Exploration
  • Start Studio Exercise
  • Start Studio Exercise: Color Value Palette
  • Start Studio Demo 
  • Start Studio Discussion

#11: Exploratory Mark Making

  • Start Introduction
  • Start Studio Concept 
  • Start Studio Exploration
  • Start Studio Exercise #1 
  • Start Studio Exercise #2
  • Start Studio Exercise #3
  • Start Studio Demo 
  • Start Studio Discussion

#12: Minimalism

  • Start Introduction
  • Start Studio Concept 
  • Start Studio Exploration
  • Start Studio Exercise #1
  • Start Studio Exercise #2 
  • Start Studio Exercise #3 
  • Start Studio Demo 
  • Start Studio Discussion

BONUS: Studio Demo

  • Start Studio Demo 

I don’t know what I’d do without Nancy. She intuitively offers just the right advise exactly when I need it most.

Nancy’s incredibly generous instruction is such a loving gift to us all. I have truly become a devotee.  She is inspiring, amazingly insightful, nourishing, life-affirming and encourages me to be a better artist. I feel connected to her and her tribe on a whole other level ...  a ”Zeitgeist” level.

Ariane Edmundson

Studio Journey™ Alumnus

Thousands of Artists Have Experienced The Studio Journey.

Here’s what just a few of my students say about working with me in my courses:

Long long ago I was banned from art in my kindergarten class at age 6 for making a mess (I still do!) and told to go and focus on math and English, and so I did...

In time, my career flourished and took me to far and distant places from Singapore to the Jebel Akbar, from Hawaii to Moscow, from Paris to Prague....and many many more. I became a consultant working initially in military and civil aviation and later in transnational law...

I loved to take the road less traveled, but I never ever painted, I had been banned by the powerful wizard. 

And so it was not to be until over 50 years later when that ban timed out - following a severe riding accident and when I fractured many vertebrae. In spinal rehab, there was a very encouraging art therapist, who asked if I would like to paint ...

I loved playing with color, although  I knew I believed I was not really allowed to paint, but a rebel grew in strength and I began to wonder ... ‘ just what if ...?’ And then,  I fell in love with making marks and trying to express feelings and over the next 15 years, I devoured books, courses, videos and all possible to learn ... 

And so, the novice learnt to draw, learnt something about composition, some basic colour theory - and began to exhibit and was astonished when 5 years later I was encouraged to enter a national juried competition. The Gods smiled, and I was selected  - not just that year, but year after year

But, deep inside there was still that persistent voice saying I was not allowed, not good enough. The fear of failure echoed loud and the light went out, I began to stumble around, avoiding my studio - I had lost my belief and compass. 

And then,  one day, when I was very close to giving up, as if by magic, a guide showed up ...a guide who has quietly transformed my studio practice - and brick by brick built my self belief and courage and helped me to paint, paint AND paint and explore and experiment...

Nancy’s way of teaching provides an absolute smorgasbord of learning opportunities and a multiplicity of pathways: from core concepts and principles to guided personal reflection, exciting demonstrations, but always with encouragement for personal choice and growth.  There is a richness of sharing from Nancy the polymath, of the wisdom of the grand masters, not only of art, but also of philosophers, writers, poets, mathematicians and more.

But keystone in all has been to quietly and consistently build self belief. There is magic here and I cannot thank Nancy enough for her generosity and incredible program. The Studio Journey is not a painting course per se, it is a invitation to dance in the internal landscape of magical creativity.

Maggy Herbert-Jobson

Studio Journey™ Alumnus

Studio Journey is my third course led by Nancy. I started with Activating The Canvas, then with Experiment with color and the latest course Studio Journey I am currently doing for the second year, the trip I never want to end.

At the end of last year, I was accepted into a jury-judged exhibition with over 100 artists, which was an incredible encouragement. The first day of the vernissage I sold a painting "Zornpalette" which came during my trip in the Studio Journey course.

To my great delight, it was also a gallerist who bought the tablet for 10000 SEK. That exhibition meant a lot to my self-confidence. Now that Covid-19 has taken the whole world into its grip, two exhibitions have been canceled. But I am fine and I am so privileged to have the opportunity to paint in my little studio and even more to explore what is inside me.

If I back a few years when I got anxious when I would start painting on a white canvas, I have also been a "perfectionist" which has not facilitated my creation. But since I found Nancy among all the thousands of other art teachers, my life has changed not only on the artistic level but on so many levels.

I feel more whole as a human being, life has become more exciting and I have become more responsive to the invisible in life.

The feeling when I first loved what I painted was incredibly strong and because it was genuine and rooted within myself. Sure, there is still often a struggle during each painting, but then I hear Nancy's voice that it is precisely in the "ugly paintings" something new is emerging. HOW EXCITING IS THIS?

I don't know how to express in words the gratitude I feel. A more humble, responsive and generous educator than Nancy cannot be found.

Elisabeth Malmgren

Studio Journey™, Activating The Canvas, Experiment with Color Alumnus

You know I paint every day - I have learned a lot from Nancy - at first I was not impressed by her spontaneity (and to be honest her paintings) but I felt I was learning from her. Over the past two years I have matured and have new appreciation for both her methods and her work

I have a beautiful studio, I get juried into shows, I’m signing with a local gallery,  and I have two big solo shows coming up later in 2020.  Nancy was my quiet in the storm of doubt and gave me the confidence to start my journey.

I stay on with the yearly subscription so that from time to time when I need inspiration I can check in with her.  I have taken several ‘masterclasses’ from other artists in the past two years but Nancy is still one of my favorites.

Dana Grubbe

Artist’s Journey® Masterclass & Studio Journey™ Alumnus

I LOVE both of the Journeys very much!!!

And I am very happy and inspired to do my work more structured than ever before. I always say to my family “my Nancy” because she became a part of my artistic life. I learn so much (also English language!) and I love the high level of her thoughts, also her exchange with her loving partner. 

Maja Jiranek

The Artist’s Journey® Course & Studio Journey™ Alumnus

The painter and art critic, Roger Fry, once asked a little girl how she set about drawing.  She replied," First I have a little "think" and then I put a line around it."  that is the great beauty in children’s art.  They are serious about what they do, and they paint with an innocent eye, not what they see but what they know.  Their emotions become the binder in the paint as they tell their stories.

In her program, Nancy is exceptional at encouraging her students to think and explore endless possibilities while at the same time urging them to look inside and tell their stories with freedom and the pure joy of creating.  

Donna Ernest

Studio Journey™ Alumnus

Nancy's courses have been a fabulous investment in learning new skills and valuing my own ideas and impulses.

In November, I took leave from my teaching job for health reasons and knew that I'd better have something to keep my brain busy. Activating the Canvas served that purpose-- and then some!

In January, I resigned my teaching job and, again, decided to "double down" with Studio Journey and Nancy as painting guide during the transitional time.

Now we have COVID? Good grief... I keep returning to the videos and then painting daily and the discovery process (finding something from a blank nothing) is a positive lift. Symbolic of what we're going to need to do in the future? Absolutely.

In daily painting and painting over, I'm practicing more than the studio concepts which means the skills can be applied in more than the studio.

I didn't know what my life could be with daily art in it. Thank you Thank You THANK YOU to Nancy!

Kristy Evans

Studio Journey™ & Activating the Canvas Alumnus

The modules are full of thought-provoking information and well-thought-out exercises that have really helped me structure and organize my studio practice.

The biggest boon for me, though, is Nancy’s encouragement to trust yourself...the first time I have felt permission to approach abstract painting from my more intuitive, spontaneous self.

Thank you, Nancy.

Kay Hunt

Studio Journey™ Alumnus

The Studio Journey was great! And will be for me forever great!

As a teacher myself of traditional oils and abstract concepts, I was pleased to find Nancy on Pinterest and decided to enroll to learn more techniques so I can bring them to my own work and to my students. 

I had no idea that I would be so grateful for what I discovered from Nancy. Not only is she a great articulator, her amazing continuous knowledge of how the human psyche works and how our creativity is derived from a subconscious level is tremendously effective. Her research is stunning and her delivery is spot on. The circle of creativity she brings to me continues to infinity with her inspiration which I can redeliver to others. 

Karen Weihs

Studio Journey™ Alumnus

You are an amazing woman and your sharing of art and the normal challenges of creation, lights the path for others. It often seems like the times I am in the worst cycle of self criticism are the times I receive one of your inspiring emails with messages guiding the way back to light. Learning to accept the struggle as an indication of growth. Now I have another of your quotes to keep: “A dead woman produces no books”. I think I will post a note to myself: “What amazing paintings are lost if you die before you create them”

Kathy Kimball

Studio Journey™ Alumnus

I am absolutely enthralled by your courses. It really has brought a lot of joy to my life, and put a spring in my step.  I think it's your philosophy about believing in yourself.  

I  understand what you mean by many starts, mine end up being a blank canvas.

Now I practice mark making before I start, getting into that stream of consciousness. This happened in my last painting.

Helen Tainsh

Studio Journey™, Artist's Journey® & Experimenting with Colors™ Alumnus

I am excited to be sharing another journey with you Nancy. Under your guidance, tutoring and workshops I have developed my style as an artist and as a result of this I have now taken the plunge to be a full time artist. You have given me the confidence to be disciplined, and believe in myself . It is so exciting to be in my studio each day, putting into practice the knowledge I have gained through your tutoring , and the feeling of joy I experience when I see paintings completed that I am proud of.

Thank you Nancy wholeheartedly , - it is awesome to be sharing another journey with you.

Jo Rankin

I'm learning all sorts of things on this journey! Lots about creating art, and lots about how I learn. I seem to absorb information unconsciously, obliquely. I'm learning without grasping or knowing?

I've been working on a painting that I've been tinkering with for some time. The last few days I've returned to it. Just laying color down, no thinking. And now that I look at it, I hear your voice: yellow vibrates with violet. I have not focused very much on the color assignments, but somehow, they have gotten into my brain! These are colors I do not normally use much.

Also, the last piece I worked on was completely intuitive. I was just playing, and found I liked dripping, something I have not done much. I kept dripping, wiping, buffing, more dripping. It was so fun and relaxing. Hoping I can remember how I did it because I was very happy with both results and process.

So I want to thank you for this class, for the space you hold us in, the support & gentle guidance. It's just what I needed to move forward with work that truly feels like mine.


Even though I have not spent any time in the studio since I signed up for the Studio Journey workshop (Due to travel-- just got back), I must say I am so so glad I joined.

I find the concept to be brilliant. It provides constant stimulation and inspiration and allows members to proceed at their own pace and take their time. The visuals, demos and your presentations are terrific, and the combination of all that with the member Facebook group really give it incredible value.

Despite not being in the studio I spent much time reviewing the materials, watching the color mixing exercises and browsing through the posts members made online. Browsing was very stimulating and as you said thinking about your art is a valuable element even when not painting. Using Facebook more than compensate for the fact it is not a live workshop.

It is a 10 in my book.

I would be happy to recommend it to some artist friends. 

Warm regards and many thanks for conceiving of such a brilliant workshop.

Dahlia Riley

I come from a figurative background, have been painting in the old Dutch masters style for a few years, but have been finding myself lacking enthusiasm as I paint. Abstract painting is what I am now appreciating, so your course is the perfect thing at the perfect time. How often does that happen, right?! ?

I am looking forward to your Studio Journeys course. I love the name. One of the many sayings I repeated to my kids as they were growing up, hoping it would replay in their memories, was “Remember to take joy in the journey.” Thanks for helping me do the same.

Diane Schaller

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In The Creativity Immersion Program we’ll delve into 5 foundational principles of creativity based in science and psychology. In addition to, daily affirmations and prompts to activate your creativity. 

Studio Secrets ($197 VALUE)

Surprise lessons that are a perennial favorite of the students. We explore 2 Zorn Palette variations and 2 Art Journal Exercises.

The Studio Journey Community
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Our fabulous private Facebook Community is where the excitement happens: the exchange of ideas, inspiration, encouragement and friendships flourish in this wondrous, dynamic community of artists.  


This course will ignite your creativity, cultivate your studio practice
and transform your experience of creating art.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course good for?

This course is for artists yearning to create from the inside out. You desire to express “you” in your art and understand that this is a journey of saying yes to your dreams, facing the perils of creating and learning to trust yourself in your process. You may be at the beginning of your art journey or a seasoned professional. This course is about accessing the deep well of your creativity as you continually explore, experiment and evolve your art.

What is included in the Studio Journey Intensive?

So much! An art bundle every week for 8 weeks plus 4 bonus art bundles so a total of 12 weeks. Each workshop contains an Art Bundle consisting of 4 main parts: an art concept, inner and outer explorations, exercises and a painting demo exploring the concept we’re featuring that week. You’ll receive encouraging and inspiring emails to guide you through the workshop each week.

What makes this course different from all other courses?

This is intensive course is meant to get you off the sofa, away from the distractions and back into your studio. This is a course that fosters deep exploration and experimentation. This is about embracing the unknown, allowing the “ugly paintings” to come through and take their place in your development as an artist. This is a course about continually evolving your art. Developed by abstract artist, best selling author and Stanford trained existential psychiatrist who asserts that your deepest art comes from the inside out.

Are the workshops downloadable?

Workshops must be viewed online and are not downloadable. Occasionally a resource will be made available for download such as a PDF.

How long do I have access to the workshops?

You have access to the course for one full year. As an alumnus, you can renew at a nominal fee.

What if I have support issues?

You can contact us at We have office hours Monday-Friday 9 am- 5 pm PST. We’ll respond to you as quickly as possible.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

We have a 7 day refund policy. You may request a refund at any time during the first 7 days after registration.

Have Questions & Want To Learn More?

You are invited to apply for a complimentary Clarity Call where we can help identify if this is the right program for you and answer any questions you might have.

or Would you like to chat on Facebook Messenger?

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About Nancy

Artist, author, and Stanford trained psychiatrist Dr. Nancy Hillis will guide and inspire you as you step into the terra incognita of your soul and face your vulnerability as an artist. She believes that your most astonishing work comes from deep exploration and experimentation. Nancy encourages you to find the nascent, unexpressed parts of yourself, give voice to your subconscious experiences, and finally express YOU in your art and life.

Founder of The Artist’s Journey® workshops and courses, Nancy has led over 21,000 students on their creative journeys. Not only does Nancy encourage you to express yourself in your art, she has created courses and workshops to guide you on a tangible and accessible path to your deepest artistic fulfillment.

Nancy is the best selling author of The Artist's Journey®: Bold Strokes To Spark CreativityAvailable on Amazon. Named by BookAuthority as a "Top 100 Creativity Books Of All Time". Nab your copy and leave us a review.

Nancy's just released her new book The Artist's Journey®: Creativity Reflection Journey. It was the #1 New Release in Creativity on Amazon on it's first day of publication. Buy the book and receive the exclusive Big Creativity 30 Day Immersion Program.

Nancy Hillis, M.D., Artist, Best Selling Author, Speaker & Stanford Trained Existential Psychiatrist.


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