Studio Secrets Of The Pros

To Create The Art Of Your Dreams

In this Workshop, you’ll learn …


How to create art from inside of you, from your own source and move past repetition in your art.


The one inner shift that is essential for creating deep and personal art that expresses your own personal marks and gestures.


The 6 Maquette Exercise that will open up possibility and experimentation in your art


The Holy Grail of painting; the secret to creating art that is alive and expressive of YOU.

​PLUS so much more…

I adored the studio journey with my whole heart. It was the best experience of my own journey so far. I tear up when I think about what that course did for me. And how I love Nancy for bringing it into our world.

It caused me to have the courage to create my own online course. Her book is my bible and I advertise it as such in my course. Nancy is a generous soul who understands the inner struggle artists face. I will never forget her. 

Jeanette Goulart

Studio Journey™ Alumnus, The Artist's Journey® Book Reader

I see thousands of abstract painters like you struggle with expressing themselves in their paintings…


They’re afraid and blocked. Every time they start to paint, they question how it will turn out.

“What if no one likes it? What if I don’t like it?”

They question their talent, and painting becomes arduous and painful. They feel lost, wanting to express themselves but not knowing how. But when they learn the #1 secret to creating authentic abstract paintings, it all changes. Finally, they’re able to paint with joy and create art they love. I know this because I learned the same lesson myself, and I’ll share it all with you on the call.

Nancy Hillis, M.D., Artist, Best Selling Author, Speaker & Stanford Trained Existential Psychiatrist.

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