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Experimenting With Color is my popular 5 Module course that explores the juicy world of color at your own pace. The lessons simplify the complex world of color, so you can experiment with ease. You’ll have access to the entire color course after you complete The Artist’s Journey®.

In Experimenting With Color, you’ll get:

5 Modules, each consisting of 4 main parts: an art concept, inner and outer explorations, exercises, and color mixing videos teaching you how to create gorgeous, harmonious color palettes in your studio.

Art secrets and resources, like how to simplify color, how to create gorgeous, harmonious colors using a 2 color/4 value palette and how to employ simplicity and constraint in your color choices.

You’ll learn how to create the powerful one color palette as well as the secrets of color contrast and color/value relationships (a favorite and a game-changer for artists).

Mindset training so you grow to believe in yourself and can create your deepest, most meaningful, astonishing, and alive abstract art.

and much more!

This class is a gem. This is not just for those who paint abstract as it is applicable to all mediums and all genre where color is used at all. I’m painting with some trepidation and some abandon. My earlier experiences with art were always accompanied by the mentor saying, “no, you’re doing it wrong”. This sticks with me to this day. Then I put paint on canvas and off I go. Thank you!


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A Note From Nancy

How much time does this take? I’m not sure I have enough time.

If you’re like me and the thousands of artists I’ve worked with, painting is a central part of your identity.

It’s you.

Which makes it all the more painful when you feel so removed from the process.

Maybe you feel tired of copying others or repeating yourself. Maybe your art feels dead or formulaic or uninspiring to you.

You KNOW you have more inside you, and if you don’t express it, you’ll feel like you cheated yourself out of something important, meaningful, and vital to you.

You’ll be missing a part of yourself.

If you avoid the call of your art, if you procrastinate, if you feel like you have more inside you but don’t know how to access and express that inner landscape…isn’t it time to fix that now?You’ll be missing a part of yourself.

How much longer are you willing to be cut off from this essential part of who you are?

In just five weeks, you can learn to create abstract paintings you LOVE.

Paintings that express your truest, deepest self. You can experience spontaneous, joyous creation free of fear, anxiety, and perfectionism.

You can create art you LOVE again.

All it takes is deciding that you — and the art inside you — are worth it.

Nancy Hillis, M.D., Artist, Best Selling Author, Speaker & Stanford Trained Existential Psychiatrist.



Creativity is central to feeling alive.

Will you finally say YES to your dreams?

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