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Get the interactive book written by artist, best-selling author, speaker and Stanford educated existential psychiatrist Nancy Hillis, M.D.

It is meant to inspire self-discovery, to act as a mirror of your creative process and to encourage you to trust and believe in yourself.


You FEAR Mistakes….
You are SCARED that you
might be a FAILURE

Is it the failed prototype?
…the flubbed line?
…that unoriginal song?
…a dreamless drama?

All these “failures” build up and can bury the bravery of the person who started them.

And yet, these moments are so necessary…

It is these “failures” that lead to
the adjacent possible
and form the stepping stones, to new realizations, that are undiscovered in any other way.

You are A CREATOR.

All you need is a nudge to get back on track to find out who you really are.

The Creativity Journal does just that.

This book was created to nudge you in an exploration of your incredible inner landscape that is lush with promise and uncompromising excitement.

This book is made to help you

believe in YOU.

Nancy shows you how to awaken your creative soul and find endless possibilities next to you in what she calls the adjacent possible.

She connects you to the eternal quest to be your authentic, self expressive, creative, alive, passionate,
joyful, productive. The transformation is endless, timeless and ongoing unique for each individual. No one could do your homework for you.

You can only learn to swim by getting into the water, not watching other people swim. Nancy’s book provides dozens of learning examples and guidelines to help you on your personal path to self discovery creativity into your true creative self.

Bob Reed

Creativity Reflection Journal Reader

Say YES to your dreams of unapologetic self expression.

Get on the path to TRUSTING YOU.

I'm slowly working my way through the journal and the immersion program. The way you synthesize concepts from so many disciplines is a delight to me. You instigate deeper and better thought and are a catalyst in helping me solidify my own changing art practice. 

Margi Rohde

Creativity Reflection Journal Reader

What is The Artist’s Journey®: Creativity Reflection Journal

The Journal is dedicated to guiding you to access the inner sources of your creativity.

It is a playfully illustrated, inspirational self help book crafted to activate the inner sources of your creativity and the outer reaches of your imagination.

There are 10 sections filled with guided prompts, self reflection questions and poetic musings to inspire you to challenge limiting beliefs, open creative channels, explore the inner landscape of your authentic self and unlock your potential.

The journal is paired with a bonus companion Big Creativity Immersion Program to inspire you and open creative channels. You’ll explore 5 principles underpinning creativity.

Here are a few of the reasons I love this soulful new book:

  • The opportunity to take a deeper look at my own reasons for creating.
  • You bring home how my "Why" really matters.
  • This adds to my confidence about making art.
  • Answering the questions, like making art, involves a process that leads to new discoveries.
  • Your compassion helps me admit to my struggles.
  • The poetry gives me pause with their profound resonance encouraging me to take myself, in my sweet life, seriously.
  • Your book requires me to pause, breathe deep and listen deeply to myself.
  • I'm inspired by the big ideas you offer and also the practical tips to make my dreams reality. You offer a lovely balance.
Julie Dunleavy


Awards For The Artist’s Journey® Creativity Reflection Journal

In the first week, the Journal was in the Top 100 in the super competitive Self Help Creativity category. 

I’ve just started working through the journal and I love it! I keep it by my bedside so I can make it part of my daily routine. Its really helped me reflect and discover more about myself. My favorite book purchase of 2020 so far!

Helen Davis

A Book Full Of Possibilities

EXPLORE Lessons and Creative Prompts

Lessons and creative prompts unfold as poets and writers speak universal truths across the centuries, exhorting you to reflect upon your life and what’s meaningful to you on your creative journey.

DOCUMENT Your Creative Journey

By documenting your observations, aha moments and revelations you bring visibility to the invisible: the dreams that call you, the ones that won’t let go, the ones you simply must say yes to.


Drawing from science and psychology, this book guides you in your REFLECTION of your own hero’s journey, helps you accept your “uglies”, cultivates creative habits, and so much more!



Praise for The Creativity Reflection Journal

This journal is beautifully illustrated and includes inspiring quotes together with plenty of space to 'think in ink' and doodle too. It's a workbook that can help get your imagination flowing, whatever your creative field, and free up new discoveries to develop or evolve your artistic endeavors.

It's full of prompts, exercises and activities to help you gain clarity on your unique way forward as a creative. Because the author is a working artist, art teacher and existentialist psychiatrist too, she is perfectly placed to guide your inner journey of reflection, exploring and opening up your creative work to what's meaningful and possible going forward.

I recommend this journal for anyone wanting to delve deep into their practice and find out about themselves in the process.

Praise for The Artist's Journey Book

Nancy Hillis has produced something rare in the cacophony of reads available for contemporary artists and creatives: A practical and inspiring call to create original, astonishing work. Highly recommend.

Ruth Crone

Studio Journey™ Alumnus, Artist's Journey® Book & Creativity Journal Reader


When you order The Artist’s Journey®: Creativity Reflection Journal, you will get:


The Big Creativity Immersion Program is a free program created by Nancy that is only available to those who Order The Artist’s Journey®: Creativity Reflection Journal.  In this program, Nancy guides you through immersive exercises to help you SAY YES to your dreams.



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